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Five Tips on Finding a Balance Between a Relationship and Life

Love and a good relationship with someone is a big part of your life as well as an important part of it. When you find the right person for you, that person can become your life. We all know that balancing the love life with your daily life and schedule can be extremely tough.
Often times we begin to see that we have been ignoring other parts of our life for that love. It can be our family and friends, our work and sometimes even our money.
To have a long term relationship with someone and have it work hand in hand with the other parts of your life, you have to find balance. These five steps below can help you spend plenty of time with the one you love while still having time and energy for the other people and things in your life as well.
Work at Work – It’s difficult to balance work and your love life. Work takes up a lot of your time, getting up early in the morning and trying to go to bed early at night.  You don’t want to be working late instead of having time with your love. Try to spend all your time at work focusing on work and getting your job done during the day so you can get home and have some time for your partner. You may want to take a shorter lunch and get more work done so you won’t have extra at the end of the day.
Plan Things Out – Finding time for everything is tough. Of course your first inclination is to be with your love all the time, but you can’t just forget about your friends and loved ones. Make sure when you plan the week out, you include some times that you set aside for your friends and family as well. Don’t tell a friend of yours that you see you will catch up with them next week and grab lunch and don’t follow through. You can always plan a day out with a friend and then spend time alone with your partner at night to find a healthy balance.
Call Your Friends – No matter how busy you get, you can find the time to call your friends and say hello and see how they are doing. If you make the effort they will know you have not forgotten them. Ask them what they have been up to and listen to what they have to say to you.
Double Date – Try going out on a date with your partner and a friend at the same time. Don’t let your friend feel like a fifth wheel by hanging all over your partner, but make it seem like you are hanging out with two good friends at one time so they know you care. This can also help your partner get much closer to your friend!
Budget – Dating can be hard on the wallet. Going to nice restaurants, fun activities during the day on weekends can bust your budget. Try to go somewhere nice once a week and cook home the other nights. Have a movie night at home renting a movie you both will enjoy. Go for long walks and bike rides or take a hike that does not cost money.
Balancing your love life and all the other parts of your life can be challenging, but it can be done with some thought, time and effort.

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