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Just Because

Just because I had a happy childhood, doesn’t mean I never felt pain.

Just because I now have a beautiful marriage, doesn’t mean dating was easy.

Just because I have healthy body, doesn’t mean I didn’t struggle with food and body image issues.

Just because I have beautiful, connected friendships doesn’t mean I never feel isolated or lonely.

Just because my husband is my superhero, doesn’t mean he doesn’t piss me off sometimes.

Just because I’ve accomplished career goals, doesn’t mean I don’t feel nervous when starting something new.

Just because I wrote a book about being an extraordinary mommy, doesn’t mean I always feel like one.

Just because I have deep spiritual beliefs, doesn’t mean that I don’t question my faith.

Just because my children are my sunshine, doesn’t mean I don’t want to cry from overwhelm at times.

Just because my life is “balanced” doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work.

Just because my mom is gone, doesn’t mean her legacy is lost.

Life is complex – full of beautiful moments to enjoy, and challenging moments from which to learn.

Just because I am perfectly imperfect, doesn’t mean that I can’t live an extraordinary life.

So, I do.

Just because I am one person, doesn’t mean I can’t make the world a better place.

So, I will.

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