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Hello! I'm Jasmin Terrany,

LMHC, Life Therapist and Author

Are you searching for something, but not sure if I can offer you what you need? I understand.

Let me make this easy for you…

You are in the right place if…

You have a deep commitment to making the world a better place. You dream bigger than the rest, accomplish extraordinary goals, and believe anything is possible. You have been outwardly “successful,” and your life may even look like a fantasy…

…Yet you still feel like something is missing.

I’m here to help you solve that – To align your inside with your outside – To help you feel true satisfaction in all areas of your life.

Translation? I will help you be extraordinary in your personal life too.

I work with international superstars, leaders and change-makers, from Hollywood to Hong Kong. I know how difficult it can be for high profile, “world-changers” to find the time for their personal lives; and how difficult it is to actually stay focused and motivated when trying to make changes on your own. Want to know more about me? I have much to share with you below…

My Story

I grew up in a home that was far from ordinary. My friends used to jokingly refer to it as “Willy Wonka’s Factory.” The mailbox was a big pink heart, purple trim lined the outside of the house, and every post on the walkway to my front door, along with every cabinet in the kitchen, boasted a different pastel color. There was a red illuminated “love” sign accompanied by hot pink leather couches, and wall hangings full of hearts and ice cream sundaes. My home gushed with delicious love. At the time, I thought it was ordinary. Weren't all homes overflowing with smiles and hugs?

This happy home represented my mom’s inner world. She was a being of pure love. She had a deep wisdom, knowing, and understanding of life, an ease in the loving way she approached all people and circumstances. Of all the parents I’ve known, of all the experiences I’ve heard, in over 50 countries of world travel, I’ve never come across any parent who compared to her.

On one hand I felt extremely grateful for this upbringing, yet on the other hand I felt unworthy, aware that I hadn’t done anything to deserve this life. This unworthiness created a challenge in my twenties, for I judged my struggles.

I told myself I had no reason to suffer, so many people had it worse. It wasn’t a big deal that I longed for a deep, everlasting partnership, yet kept being attracted to men for superficial reasons. It wasn’t a big deal that I would binge, then restrict my food and over exercise the next day. It wasn’t a big deal that I felt insecure when starting my career. What I didn’t realize, was that downplaying my issues was intensifying them.

When I decided to become I therapist, I realized that if I was going to be "the best" therapist possible, I had to experience therapy from the other side. I made my weekly appointments my sacred time. I trusted the process. I confronted my fears. I let myself be vulnerable. I cried. I released. I challenged. I accepted. And I evolved.

I developed tools to feel focused, grateful and grounded within - regardless of my circumstance. I became passionate about my life’s work for my own therapy helped me:
  • Release my food and body image issues to effortlessly weigh less than my ideal weight.
  • Manifest the healthiest most beautiful marriage I could have ever wanted.
  • Maintain deep, open, authentic loving relationships with friends and family.
  • Create a truly satisfying career, working less than 10 hours a week from my lakefront home, making more money than I imagined.
  • Become a mother to the two most delicious children possible, and birth them both naturally in a tub at home.
For many years I coasted in this lovely life. I felt strong and proud that I was the creator of my reality. I knew that my personal fulfillment wasn’t luck. My beautiful life was based on commitment to my own deep, powerful, authentic inner work every day.

Then life threw me a curveball.

January 22, 2015.

Just another day. My mom had left me a sweet voicemail about where we'd meet for lunch - then never arrived. As time passed, I called my dad. He hadn’t heard from her.

I received that call. I could hear him foaming at the mouth, screaming in agony, unable to breathe. “My wife is dead! My wife is dead! I want to die! Take me with you!! I want to die! Take me with you!”

Terror filled every ounce of my body, “Dad! Pull over!!! I screamed in horror as I got someone to pick him up, pulled over on the side of the road.

I looked out the window at the clear blue ocean, as sparking rays of sunshine kissed the gentle waves. This couldn’t be real.

"It's ok. You are ok. Everything will be ok." I could feel her speak through my soul as tears ran down my cheeks.

I felt it. I knew it. It was my turn. I was the mother now.

January 22, 2016

After the most heart-wrenching year of my life, managing my devastated father, my one-year old son, my marriage, my private practice, my friendships, and an entire home renovation - amidst my daily break downs - that terrible day was about to arrive on the calendar.

I began the day with a sad cloud over my head, but I felt a rumble in my tummy. As the day progressed so did the rumble. I couldn’t believe it. I called my midwife and doula and made it home to fill up the tub.

Three weeks early, only an hour and half after I got home, my baby girl made her grand entry into the world. It had been one full revolution around the sun since the day of my mom’s departure, and to my shock and amazement the most painful day on my calendar became the most divine. I still get goosebumps when I think of it:

My daughter was born on the first anniversary of my mother's passing.

This magical moment not only brought new physical life into this world but brought me a new sense of peace and purpose. Every night after I put my baby to sleep I had an hour to myself while my husband put our son to sleep, and tears poured incessantly down my cheeks as I channeled the content of my most treasured work of art, this book: “Extraordinary Mommy.”

Upon writing this book, I realized that my feeling of unworthiness was unwarranted. No one should have to earn the kind of love I received. We all deserve it, for simply existing. I now believe that my mother left this world, so that I could find the courage and strength to share.

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