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6 Ways to Feel Happy

1) Smile and Connect
Connect with people around you…. family, friends, colleagues and strangers. Sharing a smile with another person is contagious (so is a frown) so put some smiles out there and see what happens 🙂
2) Be active
Step outside! Go for a walk, run, dance, bike ride, etc.  Not only do the endorphins make us feel better, but there aren’t very many days left before it’s too late to go outside.
3) Get out of your head
Notice your breath, feel your heartbeat, look around you, notice the faces of people passing by, feel the breeze on your face, taste something yummy….just make some effort bring your awareness to one of your senses and get yourself  outside of your never ending stream of thoughts!
4) Challenge Yourself
Try something new.  Rediscover an old interest. Lean into a fear. Set a challenge you would enjoy achieving. Learning things makes you feel more confident as well as being fun.
5) Give
Do something nice for a friend or stranger.  Thank someone with real eye contact. The more we focus on ourselves, the easier it is to forget that others are going through the same things we are. Helping another person can not only make them feel good, but can make us feel good too.
6) Pet an animal
Taking the time to really connect and share love with an animal can almost always bring us into the peace of the present moment, and put a smile our faces.
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