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What is Spiritual Marriage?

How to have a spiritual partnership or spiritual marriage, especially if your partner isn’t into it?

Your spirituality is your journey and it’s up to you to be able to see all of the lessons that come up as your opportunities for growth and learning. Everything that your spouse does or doesn’t do, that triggers some reaction in you, is something for you to look at, an opportunity for you to learn and to be a more connected, present, loving being.
And, so, even if your spouse is not on board to make this a deep, soulful, spiritual connection, you still can because your journey is yours.

Parenting Strategy Everyone Should Know

When it comes to parenting, we’re often very hard on ourselves. We frequently think we can do better and feel a lot of guilt for not trying harder.

There’s a lot of “what I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done differently” in parenting.
The most important thing to help you be a better parent is to come back to the quality of your presence. Focusing on how you show up for your children, how you see them, and how you help them feel seen by you, is the best thing that you can do to be a better parent.
It’s not what you did, how you did it, and how fast you did it, it’s more about helping your kids feel seen, heard, and loved by you. The quality of your presence is what’s going to make or break any situation.

What to Do When Your Spouse is Type A?

What to do when your partner is super controlling, critical, wants to have everything exactly their way, fully Type A?

It can be challenging. I’ve always said, there’s nothing black and white about this, it’s all gray.
What’s most important is to prioritize the relationship above all and to flow with your partner instead of against them.
For example, if your partner wants things to be a certain way and you don’t quite mind, just let it go. If there’s something that you really feel strongly about, then stop, pause, have a conversation, explore it. But, in those moments when they’re being controlling and critical, practice restraint. Understand that having restraint means being more loving towards the relationship as a whole, and towards yourself and your partner.
Love is always the answer.

If Your Marriage is in Trouble, Consider This

If you are thinking that your marriage might be in trouble, this is something to really consider.

Prioritize being loving, over being right.
Trying to be right and trying to make the other person wrong creates separation, not closeness.
Try to be accepting that your partner is another person. They are different from you, and being loving and accepting of who they are is more important than being right.
If all you’re doing is trying to be right and trying to make them wrong, you have a clash of egos which creates separation, and you just go down a slippery slope. We all have awesome parts, we all have challenging parts, and it’s better to be accepting and loving, than right.

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