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Becoming the Person We Want to Find

“Pursue compassion and self-awareness. Then, one day, love will tap you lightly on the shoulder and say ‘I’m here.’” ~Unknown.
This week, Nina, Social Media Director for JasminBalance, had an article published on TinyBuddha!
Here is a brief synopsis of her insightful and introspective post about how love can be blind, or can turn on the light of awareness:

The post discusses some tendencies in dating to give one’s own power away instead of concentrating on self-love first.  As much as falling in love often begins with infatuation and elation, the lens of partnership and intimacy can often be a mirror for us to see our own short-comings, as well as our needs, wants, fears, and areas of growth. In the comments, some of the members of the Tinybuddha community discuss the pitfalls of placing our self-worth in the hands of others, and their desires to cultivate strong inner as well as outer connections.

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