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Find Your Calling with Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin & Amy Ahlers

Find Your Calling with Martha Beck Lissa Rankin & Amy Ahlers
Dear reader,
Your soul came in with a plan. Your life has a purpose. Ring. Ring. It’s time to answer that calling.
But what if you’re not sure what the plan, purpose or calling is? (Some people have a heck of a time finding it!) Or what if you do know and you’re stuck under your desk feeling terrified to take that leap? (You are SO not alone.)
I’ve got your back!
I’m so excited to invite you to an unprecedented life purpose “tele-jam” with three amazing women: Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin and Amy Ahlers. Join me for this FREE call now by signing up HERE.
On this inspiring, real, no holds barred conversation you’ll hear directly from Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin & Amy Ahlers about how they found their callings… and how you can too!
The tele-jam will help you discover:

  • The magic hot tracks formula for tapping into your life’s purpose (go on a safari with them!)
  • The road map for finding your calling and how to identify where you are right now (so you can feel peace about your process)
  • The single most important, and almost always overlooked, tool for figuring out why you’re on the planet (sometimes the most powerful things are the simplest!)
  • And so much MORE!

I can’t WAIT to hear Martha, Lissa and Amy spill the beans, keep it real and let you in on the secrets to finding your calling.

Find Your Calling Tele-Jam with Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin & Amy Ahlers

LIVE worldwide event on 9/10 at Noon PT/3pm ET
Listen via webcast or phone.
Can’t make the live call? No worries! Register & they’ll send you the recording.

With passion and purpose,
P.S. You’ve watched Martha Beck on The Oprah Show, you have her beautiful bestselling books like Finding Your Own North Star, Expecting Adam, or her latest Finding Your Way in a Wild New World on your bookshelf… NOW it’s time to tune in as Martha joins forces with physician/ author/ blogger Lissa Rankin and the Wake Up Call Coach/ author/ life coach Amy Ahlers to awaken your life’s purpose.

Attention: 20 & 30 Somethings! – The Quarterlife Upgrade FREE Virtual Conference

Dear Friend,

You may have bought into the misunderstanding that you are supposed to have your entire life figured out by your 20s or 30s. This is not true! Our quarterlife is an exciting, yet often stressful and confusing time because there is a lot of pressure to make a lot of major life choices.

The_Quarterlife_Upgrade_Jasmin_BalanceIf you are asking questions like, “What do I want to do with my life?” or feeling stuck along your career path or stressing out about money or relationships, and are ready for some relief and solutions or just love getting inspired and motivated, then you gotta take advantage of this amazing resource:

The Quarterlife Upgrade FREE Virtual Conference July 22-26 – Everything you need to know to rock your 20s & 30s!

Register for FREE here.

Christine Hassler, whose passion for teaching how to overcome a quarterlife crisis is infectious, is bringing together 30+ of the top thought leaders of this generation to give INSPIRING and ACTIONABLE advice to Gen Y across the categories of career, money, health, relationships, spirituality, and making a difference.

Each 50 minute interview is jam-packed full of content that you didn’t get in college, grad school, or from your parents.  You will be empowered to create the life you desire by AMAZING and RELATABLE experts like Mastin Kipp, Gabby Bernstein, Amanda Steinberg, Scott Gerber, Kate Nortrup, Lissa Rankin, Mat Boggs, Kute Blackson and many others.

This summit is about delivering the best of the best information to YOU – emerging leaders, mothers, fathers, leaders, philanthropist, entrepreneurs, CEO, politicians and change makers – so that you can conquer common struggles that face us all during this time in our life.

Even if you are not a 20 or 30 something, the up to date wisdom and practical advice will make you feel young again and is timeless in nature.

What you need to know:

Dates: July 22-26th, 2013 (schedule forthcoming)

Price: FREE

Where: Sign up online HERE

I hope you will join us in upgrading your life, being open to possibilities, and being the next best version of you.

8 Steps to Attracting the Love of Your Life – Step 8: Internal and External Goal Setting

Internal: What are specific things you can do to fill your “love tank” that will help you evolve into the woman who attracts your ideal man? (Examples: therapy, meditation, exercise, eating healthy, positive influences etc.)
External: What are things that you can do that will add value to your own life and also make you more available and open to your ideal mate? (Examples: activities, classes, sports, online dating etc.)


8 Steps to Attracting the Love of Your Life – Step 7: Who Do You Want to Be in Your Ideal Relationship?

Make a list or describe all of the feelings, tendencies, and/or way of being that you want to experience in your ideal relationship (ie. open, direct, comfortable, free, etc.)
Look at your list of who you want to be in your ideal relationship. How many of these characteristics do you currently exude and how many do you need to work on?
If you met your ideal match what would be the qualities that he or she would want in their ultimate partner? Do you have those qualities? If not, how can you go about working towards them?


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