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This is Water

This speech by David Foster Wallace was an interesting reality check on the average adult life stuck in the rat race. I appreciated the perspective shift that he spoke about at the end…
And the fact that there is a bigger picture behind this man and this speech makes it that much more striking… This life advice comes from a man who suffered from clinical depression and who tragically died by hanging himself… Perhaps, because of his depression, he was able to develop his unique view on life and the mundane everyday responsibilities, he was able to understand them better and communicate them to us through this amazing speech, which was actually a commencement talk delivered at Kenyon College in 2005…
What do u guys think of this?

If you had all the money in the world…

Yesterday, I asked my Facebook community: “If you had all the money in the world what would you do with the 16 hours you are awake everyday?”
The responses ranged from living like a king, to doing something different every day, to giving to others, to witty ones such as “If i had all the money in the world, that means others would start creating other forms of currency which would render mine useless,” to honest and vulnerable, yet courageous ones such as “the same thing I do everyday…worry, be lonely and cry….” I found this truly interesting, and inspiring.
Another way to figure out what you would do is to think about the things you loved as a child… For me, it was always to spend time with animals… and that is why this video just made my day. Enjoy it 🙂

Jasmin Balance Movie Recommendation – "Happy"

I watched this movie “Happy” recently and found it to be a really refreshing reminder as to what is most important in accessing our true happiness. I was particularly taken by the stats on money and happiness. According to the movie, once we reach a certain level of financial comfort, having much more money has very little affect on our happiness… Food for thought… When you watch it let me know what you think!

Jasmin Balance Movie Recommendation - Happy

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