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Moran Lev-Ary Goldshmidt, MS, CCC-SLP

Jasmin’s story of triumph and her mother’s legacy helped me tap into a source of strength that I didn’t know I possessed – especially when I’m feeling less energetic or patient with my kids. The anecdotes and examples she shared are wonderfully broken down into manageable “bite size pieces” that feel very clear and simple. Most of all, when I feel “mommy guilt”, I remind myself of Jasmin’s words that mothering is a very hard job and that quality of presence is the most valuable gift I can ever give my family.

Myka Meier

As an entrepreneur, passionate about both my career and parenthood, I wanted to learn ways to be an amazing mom while balancing my business. Extraordinary Mommy helped me feel confident in my ability to parent the way that I believe is best for my family. It gave me useful tools for how to approach our life as new parents. For example, now I allocate “work” or “family” time and put my phone on silent when I’m with my daughter, so that the time I spend with her is of the utmost quality. I also prioritize my own well-being without guilt. I read so many useful passages to my husband that whenever a new issue arises he says, “What does the book say about that!?”

Joanna Lander, LSW

Beautifully written with raw emotional content and practical lessons aimed to encourage any parent who wants to be the best version of themselves. As Jasmin puts it, “it’s okay not to know what to do.”  Letting go of that control, knowing that every day is going to be different, and that is okay, is such an important theme for all mothers and one that has empowered me as I learn alongside my three children. Refreshingly honest and inspiring, Extraordinary Mommy is a must-read.

Scott Doty

Jasmin’s effortless charm and profound insights infuse every page of this incredible little gem of a book. She somehow manages to both comfort and challenge the reader in every single chapter. I especially love her focus on self-care and the tools she provides to combat the drama and overload of modern parenting. I’m glad I didn’t let the “Mommy” focus dissuade me. Be prepared to be inspired!

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