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"Don’t Run Amiss! Follow Your Bliss!"

“You know you are following your Bliss when what you Do is an extension of Who you are and What you Believe.” – Jeanine Nicole
“Blissful moment.” “Blissed out.” Bliss seems sometimes like an insurmountable heaven on earth. Some kind of starry-eyed twinkly tingly moment that hits with the force of passion and the gentle calmness of serenity. When we consider bliss to be an absolutely positive glow of pure optimism, a shout-it-from-the hilltops kind of joy, and a rapture like we’ve never known, it can seem far from attainable.
Sustained bliss may not be a perpetual state of euphoria but rather the constant unfolding of an alignment of who you are with what you love. When we see following our bliss as a constantly unfolding process that happens gradually and which must be nurtured in order to flourish, we can rest more easily in knowing that we can experience a taste of bliss every day.
Similar to passion, once you light the spark, and get that blissful fire burning, in order to keep it going you must let it settle down, then carefully add one log at a time to keep it going throughout the night. The beauty of the fire is that it is hungry, and colorful, it reaches out it’s fingers to grab it’s dreams, but must be contained if it is to be useful rather than dangerous. Warm yourself by the fire of your bliss, but don’t let the hunt for it consume you.
Cultivate your bliss like a compassionate gardner of the heart-garden. Bliss doesn’t have to happen with a bang. And it doesn’t get extinguished unless you let it go through your denial of it. Sometimes, Bliss is what happens when you sit and taking a deep breath, realize that you are perfect, whole, complete, and full of joy just in this moment. When you stop scurrying around thoughts of the past and worries about the future, you can see that the Present is full of Bliss.
Lastly, it is important to know who you are and what you stand for. When you know who you are not, what you believe in, and what drives you, you can more easily gravitate towards those things that you find fulfilling. The most passionate, serene, and blissful people I know are those who have learned what they love to do (hint: you lose track of time, and you are naturally motivated and inspired, you are in “the flow”), and then found a way to make a living doing it.
The key to this is patience, and even practicality. You don’t have to quit your job or turn your life upside down. You just have to locate what you love (the barometer is how much joy it gives you) and then find ways to incrementally do more of that.

What is one way you will increase your feeling of bliss today?

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