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Free Meditations

Having trouble meditating? Here are a few guided meditations that I created to help you improve your meditation practice.


Column of Light Meditation

This meditation will help you deal with all of your worries, fears, negativity, and everything that keeps you from feeling connected, aligned and full of love. It’s a wonderful meditation that my mom did with us growing up.

5 Minute Confidence Builder Meditation

In our social media world it can be easy to get lost in comparisons and self-doubt. When you are feeling down on yourself, this meditation will re-center you. Listen to it daily, to uncover your truest light, and strengthen your ability to access it whenever you need it.

5 Minute Relationship Rehab Meditation

As much as we may love our significant others, sometimes we don’t like them very much, and it can be difficult to get on the same page. I deeply believe that love relationship are our greatest teachers. Those closest to us trigger our deepest issues to arise. Many people are tempted to run away when this occurs, but rather than run, judge, blame or disconnect, it can be helpful to be lovingly curious as to what we may need to be learning about ourselves. This daily meditation is intended to help us let go of our unhealthy reactions and understand ourselves and our partners more clearly.

5 Minute Anxiety Relief Meditation

This practice will help you reduce stress & anxiety without lessening your productivity. In our busy society, focused on goals, achievements and “getting more done,” it can feel like we don’t have a moment to breathe. This particularly unique meditation is designed to help you address overwhelm, stress and anxiety in the moment and access your inner calm, especially when you need it most.

5 Minutes for Parenting Patience Meditation

Our feelings are our responsibility. Our children don’t deserve our pain. As difficult as it is to admit, I can understand why people hurt their children. There are moments that it takes every ounce of strength I can find, to refrain from saying or doing the terrible things that are raging inside of me. It is in those moments, or hopefully preemptively, that this meditation can help us refrain from taking out our pain on our children, and remember their innocence, so that we can access the infinite love we truly have for them, especially when it’s hard.

Children’s Meditation

Bedtime can be a particularly hard time for children (or anyone!) so I designed this children’s meditation to help them learn how to breathe and relax as part of the bedtime routine. Enjoy it as part of your daily ritual and bonding experience. Intended for children aged 3 – 18.

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