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How Can I Create New Habits?

Goals are a hard one because people create goals such as New Year’s Resolutions, but the chances that we actually achieve a goal depends upon our ability to understand what exactly it takes to achieve a goal.
Ultimately, we can compare it to study practices. If you are in school, are you the type of person who crams the night before for a test, or who takes time in advance to study bit by bit day by day? There’s a difference because if you cram, you might still get an A in the short term, but it is far less likely that you will remember that information years down the road.
When it comes to goals, particularly things like losing weight, you have to be likewise prepared to learn new behavior, change a habit pattern, and take new information and make it a part of you. Like learning a new language, you have to practice over and over until it becomes engrained in who you are.
In sum, to accomplish a goal, it is of the utmost importance to prepare, learn the new information, and take whatever it is that you want to achieve and make it part of your truth.

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