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How Can We Follow Our Gut?

This is a contribution by Guest Blogger Simone Kelly.

Hey you….yeah you. Come closer….I got a secret. Shhhhhh…. The voice in your head that told you to call your old college roommate REALLY did help you land that new job!

That squirm that rumbled in your belly really did tell you to move into the right lane to avoid that accident!
Those goosebumps that made the hair raise on your arms after you landed those ‘7-digits’ of your new special friend really was confirmation that they were a catch!
What it all comes down to ladies and gentlemen is actually really, really good news! You’re not crazy! LOL And of course there are NO coincidences.
The incidences that I mentioned, I’m sure many of you have experienced at some point in your life. Those examples are your innate triggers…confirmations if you will, to let you know just how intuitive you really are…that is, when you’re aware of it and in the flow of life.
Trust Your Intuition
“Learn to trust that feeling in your gut. The gut never lies! Tap into your intuition and begin to trust what messages or feelings you receive about people, situations, or your next steps. It’s a gift we all have, learn to start embracing it.  Listen, trust, and take guided action.”
What is the FEELING you get that warns or even just gives you a little ‘nudge’ telling you to WAKE UP? It’s our innate protection. When we were in the jungle, fields, and mountains as primitive humans we were in touch with our senses.  We could smell fear…We could smell our food before we hunted it.
Eric Butterworth mentions in his book, Spiritual Economics, “In the early days of life on Earth, Homo sapiens were surrounded by great beasts with superb built-in defenses: tusks, hides, claws, wings, shells and tremendous brute strength. The human creatures, seemingly so inadequate, so helpless, survived because of their defense was in their creative ability, in the intuitive flow of ideas, in their spiritual dimension-no matter how primitive was its showing.”
So, what happens when you follow your gut? THINGS OPEN UP FOR YOU. Life becomes easier because, we are listening to the messages from Spirit, God, the Universe…our higher power.
Have you ever had an experience with knowing or feeling something  was going to happen?  Even something  as simple as singing a song in your head and you turn on radio and BOOM..or you’re thinking about someone and BOOM they call you. It’s not magic…you were just in tuned at that moment.
One of my biggest confirmations of following my gut happened when I was about 16 years old and it actually saved my life! I was going to go with some friends to a celebrity basketball game in the city and the radio commercial advertising was playing probably every 30 minutes. I just felt in my spirit that it was going to be  way too crowded and I didn’t want to be bothered with the drama of long lines. I convinced my friends to go to the movies instead. I just didn’t feel good about it at all!
On the cab ride home from the movies, we heard on the radio that nine people died in a stampede at this event.   It was tragic and many more were injured. I couldn’t blow that off as coincidence. It was more than just a guess, I KNEW it was a bad idea to go. How bad, I wasn’t prepared for. That sad event forced me to listen just a little bit deeper to how I felt about people, places, and situations!
Take Action Time: (Grab  your journals)

Take a moment and think about a time that you followed your gut and it saved you from an outcome you did not want. What happened? What did you feel or hear?
Think about a time you DIDN’T listen and you look back wishing you did! Why did you ignore it? What was the feeling that you ignored?
“For the non-spiritual being, the concept of intuition can be reduced to a hunch or a haphazard thought that accidentally pops into one’s head on occasion. For the spiritual being, intuition is far more than a hunch. It is viewed as guidance or as God talking, and this inner insight is never taken lightly or ignored.
You know from your own experience that when you ignore your intuitive proddings, you end up regretting it or having to “learn the hard way”. Dr. Wayne Dyer
How will you choose to tune into your gut and follow it’s intuition today?
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