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How Do I Detect If Someone Is A True Friend?

True friends believe in the beauty of your dreams! Jasmin discusses the benefits of recognizing who your true friends are, and letting go of chasing after people who don’t make you feel inspired and supported.

In relationships it’s really important to have a sense if someone is a real friend; if someone is a real partner; if someone really loves you and cares about you. Some prime ways to detect if someone is a real friend is to pay attention. If someone does something for you, notice, if they don’t, notice. People show us who they are all the time but they tell us who they are and it’s different. Just pay attention – If someone really loves you will see it! And if they don’t, you’ll know that too. So if he’s not calling you, he doesn’t want to call you- that’s it. If she doesn’t ever want to hang out, she doesn’t care. And it’s not because you “suck”, but for whatever reason it’s not connecting and there’s no need to put time and energy into people who don’t love and appreciate you, because you are worth so much more than that.

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