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How do I increase my self-worth when dating?

Dating is such a difficult concept. And I feel that many women, and even men, particularly in New York, struggle with dating in the city. One of my theories on dating involves helping women increase their feelings of self worth. Often women give men an “A”  (the top mark) before they earn it. This usually leads to a fall from grace over and over and over, because this “A” was given prematurely.
My advice is if you are going to give someone a grade, start them at an “F”!  Don’t just assume the other person is wonderful and perfect for you until you have some actual proof that that’s the case. Often we are so eager to find “the one” that we fantasize and create the idea that someone is more perfect for us than they actually are. Take some time to get to know the person in reality before you decide if they are the best match.

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