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Fear of Failing: 20 Inspiring Definitions

Check out this Article: How to Release the Fear of Failing: 20 Inspiring Definitions of Failure
These are some parts that I found valuable…
“Psychologists and neuroscientists estimate we think over 45,000 thoughts per day. If the majority of those entail negative interpretations of your weaknesses and mistakes, you will limit your potential because the prospect of failing will seem catastrophic….”
“The things that go through your head right after you feel you’ve let yourself down. And later when you mentally rehash it while waiting for the bus. Then in bed, before you drift off to sleep, when visions of what could have been taunt you…”
“The only way to change your reaction to failure is to challenge the beliefs that create it…”
“We all want to make ourselves and the people we love proud. We all want to feel free to try, stumble, fall, get back up, try again, and learn as we go.”

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