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Is society helping or hindering us?

Society teaches us all about instant gratification. We are told from all different directions that we’re not good enough and that we need this, that, or the other thing to be happy. And marketing really feeds off the fact that we don’t always feel good on the inside. Because of these insecurities, it’s easy to give into the rat race of wanting the next quick fix. But when we get that object that we think we want,  the high or happiness it gives us doesn’t last.
This all stems from the fact that ultimately, we haven’t been taught properly as a society as a whole, how to actually take care of those difficult feelings inside of us. When we feel bad, we tend to gravitate towards an external source like shopping, or drinking, or heading to the fridge etc to try to feel better. These things can indeed feel good in the moment but end up actually being detrimental in the long run. On the other hand, if we learn how soothe our difficult feelings and feel better about ourselves from the inside out, we can better take care of our well being for the long haul.


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