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Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

When you look at this glass do you see it half full or half empty?
If you were thirsty, would you be grateful for the water you have, or be frustrated that you didn’t have enough?

I know it’s cliche, but I really believe that this represents the way we approach life in a given moment.
Our lives are full of things to be grateful for, and things to be frustrated with.  We as individuals, are truly amazing in many ways, and yet have much room to grow and evolve. Both extremes exist simultaneously….everything that is with everything that isn’t…..everything we are with everything we aren’t. Yet when we get stuck only seeing the lack, we can find ourselves frustrated with not being “there” yet, rather than feeling grateful for how far we’ve come.  Often we think that we’ll get more motivated if we focus on all that still needs to be accomplished, whereas true inspiration comes from trusting that we are on the right track, and enjoying where we are in a given moment.
Gratitude feels good. Anyone want a sip? 🙂

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