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What's the Deal with Money?

Yesterday I  was having a conversation with a very smart man, and I asked him, “Are we just getting older and more realistic or what? Why do I feel like my childhood idealism is dwindling?”
He simply responded, “When we were young we didn’t have to think about supporting ourselves, or anyone else, so our mind space was more open to think about changing the world.  Now that we don’t have anyone else putting food on the table for us, we need to spend our energy making that happen.”   (He calls making money “gathering food”. ) I found this concept to be quite fascinating, and couldn’t help but think about it for the rest of the evening.
So what is this money thing all about anyway?  It can be the source of so much fun and ease, and also the source of so much pain and suffering.  And we just made it up.  Simple numbers from your account on a screen can make or break your day.
Does it run our lives? Are we ever free from it? Even the richest of the rich, feel stressed out and have to juggle their expenses.  Why do we think having more money or more access to money will make all of the worries go away?
I read a book recently and it was talking about an uber successful woman painfully afraid that she would lose all of her money.  She would say, “when I get $20 million more in my account, then I’ll feel comfortable…” It really made me realize how much our fears can affect our perception of reality.
We need to “gather food” right? So how do we live with that reality comfortably without letting our fears keep us from enjoying our lives?  Is it money we want? Or simply the freedom it can buy?
Can we be free without money? If so, how do we do it? If not, then what?
Lot of random questions going through my head…just curious if anyone has any thoughts feelings or reactions….

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