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My New Idea, Curious What You Think….?

I’ve been using this new technique with many clients who find it helpful, so I figured I would put it out there to see what you all think…
Try this on…
“I fear _____x__________ therefore
I am/act _____x____________
which makes my fear a reality.”
For example:
I fear that no one will like me, therefore I act unlikeable.
I fear that  I will never be satisfied in a relationship, therefore I act dissatisfied in every relationship.
I fear that people will try to control me, therefore I act controlling.
I fear that I will not be successful therefore, I act unsuccessful.
When we live through our fears, we actually act out in ways that ultimately create our fears into our reality.  If we fear that life will treat us in certain way, we prepare for it to be the truth and act out in ways that get us the reactions we had already anticipated.  (And often get a sense of accomplishment because our ego was right!)
So if we interact with the world from the opposite framework…
I will be successful….
I am going to be satisfied in a relationship….
I am likable (and lovable)…
People want to help me….

…How do you think the universe will respond?

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