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My New Year's Reflections…

Something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is that life builds on itself… what I mean is, that if we don’t have healthy habits in place to “deal with life”, then as time goes on things pile up… and often get overwhelming and even too hard to handle… Whether it is our weight, debt, relationship issues, or simply mail in our inbox (or on the counter)… if we don’t create healthy habits for how to REGULARLY take care of the little life scenarios, then our issues don’t simply disappear they get worse…
Here are 2 simple habit changes I recommend for the new year that could change your life…

  • Organize and Clean out your Inbox
    • Archive or delete all messages you no longer need
    • Only keep messages in your inbox that you need to respond to
    • Once you respond, archive the mail
    • There should be no more than 20 messages in your inbox at once
    • After your big clean, organize and archive daily
  • Put YOU TIME in your schedule and plan around it
    • Most people prioritize things like work in their schedule and try to “fit in” the other stuff around it (exercise, meditation, social time etc.) around it
    • Decide what feeds your mind, body and soul, then put in your calendar and plan the rest of your life around it.
    • There will always be more work. If you don’t make a habit to prioritize your well being, your being won’t be so well!

On a personal note, I’ve realized that with time, dedication, personal reflection and growth, I have conquered a few key issues in my own life over the years, and now I’m ready for the next one. I have recently noticed that I have approached my own life challenges pretty systematically….Through college and early twenties I worked through my body image and food issues, and started figuring out who I was and how to attract my forever life partner. Once I nabbed my man in my mid twenties, I started working on creating and maintaining a healthy relationship, while learning how to build a fulfilling career. Now that I am in my 30’s I am taking on my next challenge: How to Be Spiritually Aligned and RICH. This is my next conquest. Simply thinking about the idea of wanting to be “rich” makes my skin crawl, so my next personal challenge is my relationship with money.
My plan is to learn to make more money than I ever thought possible, feel completely comfortable doing it, and stay in alignment with my ultimate truth along the way, and be more generous and giving to the world than I ever imagined I could be.
I am starting to read a book called “The Energy of Money,” by Maria Nemeth and planning to take on this challenge full force in the new year. If you have interest in hearing about my process and progress on this new journey, hit like, and I’ll blog more about it…
What are you going to take on in the new year??
Lots of Love,

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