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Powerful Parenting Phrases that Make Talking to Kids Easier

12 powerful parenting phrases that make talking to kids easier

Sometimes, finding the right words for talking to kids can be really, really challenging. Because of that, it helps to have these familiar and effective phrases in your back pocket:

  1. “At the same time…”
  2. “I need you to…/You need to…”
  3. “I see…”
  4. “Tell me about…”
  5. “I love to watch you…”
  6. “What do you think you could do…”
  7. “How can I help…”
  8. “What I know is…”
  9. “Help me understand…”
  10. “I’m sorry…”
  11. “Thank you…”
  12. “I love you…”

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