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Prioritizing Yourself

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about putting life therapy into your schedule.

A lot of times people say: “I’m too busy, I can’t,” and that’s actually the heart of the matter. If we don’t own our time and if we’re not in control of our life, we have a problem. In order for us to be effective in any area of our life, it’s really fundamental that we’re in control of our own time. How we spend our time is how we spend our life.
For example, if we wake up, and we’re rushed, and we’re just reacting and reacting, and doing and doing, we’re never going to be as successful, or achieve all the things that we want to achieve, because we’re not setting intentions and being proactive about our needs.
So if we believe that self-care is something that we truly need in our life, which we all do, we need to figure out how to schedule it first. If we think of our time as a bucket, and we have rocks, pebbles, and sand, what often happens is that the sand goes in first, leaving no room for the pebbles or the rocks. Self-care needs to be the rocks. We put those in our schedule first, and then all the other things get filled in around it.
In order to make it easy for you, I see all my clients virtually. I’ve got you on Zoom, I’ve got you on the phone, I’ve got you on Skype, however it is that you need. We meet each week, and then you schedule your life around that. And I’ve got you, just like a trainer at the gym. The accountability is so important when it comes to taking care of yourself – you do many more reps when someone’s there telling you what to do.
So, if you’re feeling ready to set up a session with me, please go to my Sessions page.

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