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Ready for a giggle?

I just had the incredible opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Bhutan. Most people hear the name Bhutan and respond with “What’s that?”  Well, basically it’s an exquisite Buddhist land in between India, China and Nepal; and one of the most luring factors is that they determine the country’s wealth on Gross National Happiness or GNH, rather than GDP.
So as I was going through my pictures, and thinking of what to write about this incredible visit, I came across these, and couldn’t help but giggle. These are pictures of a poster I saw posted for the monks in the common space in an ancient, secluded, magical monastery on the top of a mountain. It made me realize that even the people most dedicated and committed to a spiritual life, are still silly humans; being reminded of something that we consider as simple: washing your hands after you go to the bathroom!

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