How will Meditation make me feel better?

When you are calm within, everything in your life will be easy.  Whether you have a chattering mind, uncomfortable feelings or even physical ailments, the practice of meditation can release your discomfort. Through the practice of meditation you can wake up every day feeling calm, grounded, intentional and comfortable in your own skin.

What exactly is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice of mindfulness. For example, you go to the gym to strengthen your muscles; you meditate to strengthen your minds ability access inner calm. There are various types of meditation that you can practice, some more spiritual than others, but the ultimate intention is to strengthen your minds ability to go to the “calm bottom of the ocean every time it wants to get caught up in the waves. “ Just like with any muscle, the more you practice the stronger it becomes.

How will I experience Meditation in my Life Therapy Sessions?

In session, I will teach you a different meditation practices. Some may resonate with you more than others, or you may find that a specific meditation practice is particularly powerful for you. We will be able to integrate these meditation practices into our sessions when they feel beneficial, and you will be encouraged to practice them on your own in between sessions.  The more you practice in session and on your own, the more you will strengthen your ability to access your inner wisdom and calm at any time.

Watch my video: I want to meditate but I find it difficult and frustrating. Please help?


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