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Anger – 13 Signs and 7 Prevention Tips

Anger Management


13 Anger Signs:

  1. Rapid speech
  2. Head, stomach and back aches
  3. Becoming Violent
  4. Sarcasm or cynicism
  5. Denial or rationalization about your behavior
  6. Revenge fantasies
  7. Yelling and screaming
  8. Arguing with others
  9. Becoming silent or withholding
  10. Avoiding Others
  11. Isolating
  12. Thoughts about drinking or using drugs
  13. Compulsive eating, spending, cleaning, or sex


7 Prevention Tips:

  1. Understand your triggers: What are the situations, people, events etc. that trigger your anger response? Do you feel lack of control in your life?
  2. Take Action: Anger doesn’t just go away, it actually builds and builds if you don’t stop and make the time to address it properly.
  3. Sit with your feelings: We tend to avoid difficult feelings and trick ourselves into believing they are gone. It is important to respect and sit with what is going on inside you.
  4. Meditate: Learning how to breathe deeply and connect with your inner wisdom and calm can help balance the nervous system and relax your inner space.
  5. Improve your Physical Health: Daily attention to diet and exercise will improve how your body feels, which will lead to less anger.
  6. Be Kind to Yourself: Negative self talk is one of the key components to feeling angry, pay attention to how much you may be unconsciously criticizing yourself.

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