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How can I lessen my "emotional baggage"?

Picture this…
You are leaving work; walking down the street, sitting on the subway, wherever. Your mind is racing a mile a minute. You are recounting all of the different things that happened that day; thinking about ways in which you could have written that email better, wondering why this person didn’t respond, remembering all of the people you didn’t respond to, planning your next steps, whatever. Continue reading “How can I lessen my "emotional baggage"?”

Do I actually accept myself fully or am I avoiding my "stuff"?

When dealing with difficult emotions, it can be confusing to spot the difference between avoidance and acceptance. So if you think of difficult emotions as this little black box of difficult, hurt, pain, feelings, and oftentimes we think that we’re accepting them by distracting ourselves and doing other things, where in essence we’re actually avoiding them and not dealing with them. Continue reading “Do I actually accept myself fully or am I avoiding my "stuff"?”

35 Symptoms of Stress

35 Symptoms of Stress: Inherently we tend to have cognitive and emotional symptoms of stress, that if ignored, will lead to physical and behavioral symptoms.
This means, that if we ignore our thoughts and feelings stress comes out in our behaviors and in our bodies. Continue reading “35 Symptoms of Stress”

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