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Will I ever know what it feels like to be loved and accepted just the way I am?

30-Days-and-30-Ways-to-Fall-In-Love-with-YOU-1 Is this one of your fears? If so, you’re not alone. One of the most common fears women share is that of not being loved and accepted exactly the way they are. This fear can be paralyzing. It can keep you from dating and opening your hearts to giving and receiving love freely. Even if you’re in a relationship, this fear can keep you from being fully open to and vulnerable with the man you are with for fear that he may discover that thing that will make him stop loving you. So, rather than letting love into your life and being able to love fully, you may hold back and sometimes push away the very love you say you want.
But what is it that is really blocking you from having the experience of loving and being loved completely in return?
It doesn’t have anything to do with the man you are dating or married to.
It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone or anything outside of you.
What is stopping you is that you may not have not brought love, acceptance, and many times, forgiveness to that area of yourself that you feel is unlovable, unacceptable, or unforgiveable. And this lack of self-love and acceptance is what stands between you and your birthright: the right to experience the love you dream of and your heart desires.
This is why I am proud to have partnered with Heart’s Desire International and over 20 “Heart Messengers” – experts in a number of different fields who have a passion for sharing messages of love, empowerment, and transformation with the world – to bring you the book 30 Days and 30 Ways to Fall In Love with YOU!
This book takes you on a 30-day journey within to discover the love that is already waiting for you. During the journey, you will face and learn how to move past your fears, identify and remove obstacles that stand in your way of having the life and love you want, let go of the past and leave it there, where it belongs; give and receive forgiveness; bring acceptance to your body; step out in faith; and fill your life with love, beauty, and gratitude. In the course of participating on this journey, you will also discover the gifts and talents, dreams, and self-confidence that are uniquely yours. And, at the end of this 30-day journey, you will come to see and know yourself as you never have before and be ready to continue on this lifelong path of self-discovery and self-love.
Each day, you will read a different way that you manifest self-love written by an amazing Heart Messenger, including:

  • NY Times Best-Selling Author, Laura Doyle
  • Hay House Author, Jennifer Grace
  • Internationally-recognized author and speaker, Deborah Deras
  • Author and Founder of the Butterfly Club, Osmara Vindel
  • Founder of The Women’s Success Summit, Michelle Villalobos
  • Founder and “The Chief” of Badass Business Women, Jessica Kizorek
  • Founder of Luly B. Inc. & Mompreneur Extraordinaire, Luly B.
  • Author, Nancy Wasson of Marriage Velcro
  • and many more!

I invite you now to join us and take the first step on your 30-day journey to discovering the love that is already waiting inside of you.

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