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An Incredible Story: The Girl With A New Face

This incredible story about Marlie, the girl with a new face really puts our lives into perspective… Images of this little girl will stay with me forever… How often we get stuck in the details of our own lives and forget what other people are going through in the rest of the world. Feeling so much compassion and gratitude right now…
Remembering what it was like to experience my own version of this situation…

One of the most significant experiences in my life…

Warning: The images below contain graphic content. Please click here if you would like to see them.

This a personal statement that I wrote when I was 22 years old, as part of my application for a Columbia graduate program… It talks about one of the most significant experiences in my life… – Jasmin
I followed Rudy down the muddy desolate path.  The blistering summer heat scorched my skin as perspiration flowed unceasingly down my forehead.  I wiped my brow with apprehension when we finally arrived at his home.  Cautiously, I followed the fourteen-year old boy past the emaciated dog lying motionless in the dirt.  As we neared the door-less entrance, to his home made of cardboard and scrap metal, he began to call for her.  Continue reading “One of the most significant experiences in my life…”

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