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How Can We Reframe Our Minds to Shape a Great Life?

This is a contribution by Guest Blogger Angela Brizant Layne.
When I think about a frame, I think about a rectangular object constructed to hold a picture or painting. One doesn’t see the edges of this picture extending beyond the bounds of the frame; everything is contained within a discreet space with specific parameters. Growing up, I was socialized with nothing but familial and societal clues on where my boundaries started and ended. Not only was I a female child who would grow into a woman, but I was also born Black, thus doubly burdened. I watched my mother, grandmother, aunts, and cousins exist in a world where they seemed strong enough to handle any trial, tribulation, or obstacle and come out on top. Why then did these phenomenal women always have a sense of sadness in their eyes? What were their dreams, hopes, and desires? Continue reading “How Can We Reframe Our Minds to Shape a Great Life?”

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