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8 Steps to Attracting the Love of Your Life – Step 8: Internal and External Goal Setting

Internal: What are specific things you can do to fill your “love tank” that will help you evolve into the woman who attracts your ideal man? (Examples: therapy, meditation, exercise, eating healthy, positive influences etc.)
External: What are things that you can do that will add value to your own life and also make you more available and open to your ideal mate? (Examples: activities, classes, sports, online dating etc.)


8 Steps to Attracting the Love of Your Life – Step 7: Who Do You Want to Be in Your Ideal Relationship?

Make a list or describe all of the feelings, tendencies, and/or way of being that you want to experience in your ideal relationship (ie. open, direct, comfortable, free, etc.)
Look at your list of who you want to be in your ideal relationship. How many of these characteristics do you currently exude and how many do you need to work on?
If you met your ideal match what would be the qualities that he or she would want in their ultimate partner? Do you have those qualities? If not, how can you go about working towards them?


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