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"Winter Rejuvenation"

Feb 11th 2012 was a climactic moment for the JasminBalance team. After much preparation, the team presented their workshop to 50 participants eager to partake in the “Winter¬†Rejuvenation”¬†exercises¬†offered.
The 3 hour event was designed as a journey through different parts of the self, including: Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit, and Alignment to learn how to better care for ourselves from the inside out. Each team member shared their area of expertise with experiential activities in dance/movement/yoga, psycho-analytic tools for navigating one’s inner space, frameworks for understanding one’s purpose and the “heart blocks” that can get in the way, guided meditation to help access deeper levels of consciousness within self, and lastly, a way to synthesize all these areas to break through fears and come into empowered action. Continue reading “"Winter Rejuvenation"”

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