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Teleconference Success!

Last night, I had the chance to have the first ever JasminBalance Teleconference, along with New York Times best-selling author Laura Doyle. I am very excited to tell you that the Teleconference was a great success, and a wonderful, insightful experience. 
In our hour long conversation, Laura and I revealed juicy relationship secrets, and shared some pretty embarrassing intimate stories to illustrate the habits that contribute to a magical relationship.
We started off with the indispensable first step to both attracting the man who’s right for you and keeping the spark alive for a lifetime. We, then, continued discussing the six habits that women with lifelong romances have in common, and what women with good relationships do, that other don’t. We revealed the number one thing men want from the women they love (hint: It’s not sex!). And, finally, we talked about the hidden expectation that women commonly have and that stands between them and having a great relationship.
If you would like to listen to our conversation, you can download it here.
For a deeper look on the secrets to happy, passionate relationships, I strongly encourage you to check out Laura’s upcoming event, The Lifelong Romance Retreat for Women Only that will take place June 22nd – 24th at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This jam-packed weekend will empower every woman who attends with the habits that create and perpetuate lasting love—the amazing, passionate kind where you’re holding hands, snuggling, and laughing together.
Laura promises that this Lifelong Romance Mastery Weekend will be unlike any relationship counseling, communications seminar or marriage improvement course you’ve ever tried. It will be focused on your own happiness and well-being, since paying attention to your own pleasure is one of the most important parts of creating a dreamy relationship.
To register for this wonderful upcoming retreat, visit Laura’s website. Also, use the promotion code “Jasmin” until June 22nd for an amazing $355 off the full price.

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