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What constitutes a healthy marriage?

What does a healthy marriage look like?

You’d be surprised to know that, as someone who has a healthy marriage, who has had good role models, whose husband has had good role models, who knows what a healthy marriage looks like, and who knows how to create a healthy marriage, my marriage is not always pretty.
Most days we’re just coexisting, nothing’s particularly loving, exciting, or over-the-top. Once a week we probably have some sort of challenge of something that annoyed both of us. Once a month we probably have a straight-up blowout, with crying, where we sit and talk for hours about whatever it is that we’re trying to work through…
And that’s healthy.
A lot of times people don’t know that they’re even in a healthy relationship because they think that it’s supposed to be something that it’s not. Healthy relationships have ups and downs.

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