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What is the importance of vulnerability?

Often time people think of vulnerability as weakness. They think that if they are vulnerable someone can or will hurt them. They are afraid to expose parts of themselves which they fear will make them perceived as weak. 
But I actually believe the opposite, which is that being secure in your vulnerability is the strongest thing that is possible. If you are comfortable enough with all of your weakness, pain, darkness, hurts, and fears, then you can accept yourself more fully.
Allowing your vulnerability to be part of you makes you secure in “all of it” which gives you power and strength. Often times people don’t realize this. They try so hard to avoid being vulnerable when really you can’t be close to somebody if you aren’t vulnerable. You can share and fully connect more deeply if you open up and let people see who you really are. It is beautiful when someone shares transparently. But, even though we understand this when we witness it in other people, it’s often hard for us to let it be okay for ourselves.
The better that we get at accepting ourselves the more we can be secure in our vulnerability and say ” This is me!”

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