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When Your Spouse is Annoying

Let’s talk a little bit about what to do when our spouse is annoying.

There’s one really important thing to remember: our feelings are our responsibility. Nobody made us feel anyway. If we’re feeling something, if we’re annoyed, or frustrated, or we’re blaming, or pointing fingers, all these things, that is a red flag that we need to turn around and look within. We get really good at pointing fingers outward and not looking inward. Our feelings are our responsibility.
If something that our spouse does annoys us, that is a trigger for our own stuff. Oftentimes we get annoyed at the things that are our habit patterns from the past. Maybe it’s something that our parents did or something that we grew up with that we didn’t like.
We grow most in our love relationship, because the person we’re with brings out all of our stuff like no other.
So if we stop focusing on all the ways that our spouse annoys you, and we start thinking about all the ways that we get to grow as a result of them annoying us, and all that we get to learn about ourselves as a result of them annoying us, then life gets a lot better. We stop blaming and we start growing.

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