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Why You Feel Disconnected from Your Spouse

Here’s another tip on how to communicate better with your partner. It’s a good one!

When you think about interactions with people in general, particularly with your partner or your loved one, think about your energy as being either hard or soft. Hard energy means being rigid, tight, and closed, and soft energy means being open, available, and connected.
When you’re connecting or communicating with your partner, if you have hard energy that makes it very difficult for your partner to get in, to feel like they know you, and to feel like they understand you. If we have hard energy in interactions with our partner, it creates conflict.
There are four softening statements that you can say to yourself, or out loud to another person, or out into the universe, that can help you shift your energy from hard to soft. The first is “I love you.” The second is “I’m sorry.” The third is “please forgive me,” and the fourth is “thank you.”

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