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Yoga Anyone :)?

My dear friend from college, certified yoga instructor Casey Beck, just launched the online yoga course “Yoga for a Total Mind-Body Transformation,” which I strongly encourage you to check out. Join her and let her guide you deeper into your truest Self, teaching you to let go of self-criticism and doubt by freeing the body from tension and quieting the mind.
Knowing from personal experience how influential yoga can be in your life, Casey has specifically designed this course to re-work your body from head to toe, and center your busy mind, through a series of balanced yoga practices.
“I came to yoga to ground myself and, in doing so, learned how to fly. It is this personal growth and my experiences that drive me to share the power of yoga with others and to inspire them on their own yoga journeys,” says Casey.
Casey is trained in both Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and Dynamic yoga and has taught classes and workshops around the world – from Florida to China – to students ranging from true beginners to the most experienced yogis. In her own practice and as a teacher, she approaches the postures from an inside-out perspective, encouraging students to connect to the feelings they create inside their bodies and to be aware of the healing energy inside of them. She is currently located in the Bay Area, and you can find her in one of her many classes in Sonoma or Napa.
You can sign up for this wonderful course here. Oh, and there’s a special 20% discount for all of my readers – just use JSMNBLNCE code at checkout :).

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