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10 Yoga Tips For Everyday Living

In the past thirty years, Yoga has gone from being a little known esoteric practice from the East to an increasingly popular, billion dollar industry in the West. With so many varieties of practices available today, it can be difficult to understand how Yoga can be relevant to your daily life. These tips will help you successfully blend the peace and tranquility you get from your mat with the hectic stresses of everyday life!


Sun Salutations – when you wake up in the morning, 5 minutes of the Sun Salutation series of Asanas will get your blood circulating more efficiently and will help to make you more alert, effectively cutting out toxic caffeine intake.

Forward Bend – For poor circulation or “Sleeping Limbs”, a simple forward bend, hinging at the hips will increase blood flow to the extremities. Never deal with your hands and toes tingling again! 
Savasana (Shu-vah-sun-nah) – 5 minutes in Savasana will keep fatigue at bay for several hours, without the hassle of a nap.

Light Living

Be Positive Yet Realistic – Don’t expect to be elated with the beauty of life every waking moment, but do make an effort to enjoy the simple act of living every once in a while. Supplement Your Diet – Whole grains and raw foods aid the digestive process more thoroughly than processed foods.

Go Off the “Grid” – Set aside quiet time each day without the interference of technology.

Simplify Your Surroundings – A clean home is a clean mind. Your abode does not have to be spotless, but basic cleanliness and organization can calm a frantic mind.


Pranayama – Practice breath retention for an instant calming effect.

Breath For Posture – Inhale from your lower abdomen, up into your rib cage, then your lungs to keep your posture strong and erect. A tall posture aids in digestion and lowers the risk of medical ailments of the back and hips. Sitting and standing firmly also keeps your breathing deep and even, leading to relaxation.

Meditation – Twenty minutes of mediation a day has hundreds of physiological effects including lowering of blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as immediate effects such as a decrease in muscle tension and relaxation of the nervous system.
It is easy to feel the effects and benefits of Yoga on your mat in a studio environment but with these tips, you can easily translate these benefits to the real world.
To make sure you get the most benefits possible, never ever push yourself. Yoga is NOT about competition or looking cool. It’s simply about self-empowerment and self-improvement. Be patient, be kind to your body and be happy! If you’re not enjoying yourself, then try something new. If it’s hurting, then stop pushing. Follow these tips and your way to being the next great yogi!

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