Now that I’m rich and famous I feel like everyone is using me, and no one really cares about me, help?

Sorry you feel that way, that’s definitely not a fun feeling at all. But the first thing to start thinking about is, who do you really care about? Who do you really love? And to stop thinking as much as needing to be a guard, and needing to protect yourself, and waiting to receive love, as much as, how can I become a giver? How can I satisfy myself, fill myself up so that I can give without having this need to protect, or wait to receive from someone else? Because if you can really get clear who are the people you really love and care about, then it matters less about whether or not they know what to do with your new-found fame and fortune, but more to do with what you can do to give to them, and how it is that you can maintain that loving, open dynamic.

So in sum, get clear, who do you really care about, and ask yourself, what would it be like for me to just give to them unconditionally?

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Jasmin Terrany, LMHC

Jasmin Terrany, LMHC has a Skype based private practice empowering women who appear to have it yet still feel unsatisfied on some level. She helps women access their ultimate potential and take their lives to the next level in every realm. Jasmin is a Columbia University graduate and licensed psychotherapist who invented Life Therapy, the combination of psychotherapy & coaching with mindfulness & meditation.