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5 Tips to Calm Tantrum

Here are five tips to calm your kid when they’re having a tantrum.

Tip 1: Focus on the source not the symptom. When they are acting insane, it’s really important to figure out what’s at the core of it. Rather than responding to their symptoms, their behaviors, and how they’re acting, what’s really at the core of it? Are they hungry? Are they tired? Do they need attention? Do they feel misunderstood? Really try to get to the source of the issue, and address that directly.
Tip 2: Try to give them control and stop getting in a power struggle with your kids. Give them the control that they want.
Tip 3: Don’t fuel the fire. Don’t make it worse by yelling and adding more intensity to the situation.
Tip 4: Breathe. Just breathe with them.
Tip 5: If none of these things work, distract them. Go do something else.

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