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5 Ways To Know It's Real Love

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How to Know if it’s Real Love
It’s pretty long, so here’s my summary of the 5 statements that confirm real love….
1. I can live without you, no problem. The statement “I can’t survive without you” isn’t love; it’s desperation.
2. My love for you will definitely change. Many people fear that if their love is free to change, it will vanish. The opposite is true. A love that is allowed to adapt to new circumstances is virtually indestructible.
3. You’re not everything I need. Humans are designed to live in groups, explore ideas, and constantly learn new skills. Trying to get everything ¬†from one person is like trying to get a full range of vitamins by eating only ice cream.
4. I won’t always hold you close. Possessiveness and exploitation involve controlling the loved one, whereas true love is based on setting the beloved free to make his or her own choices.
5. You and I aren’t one. Perhaps you morph to match the one you love. Or you may choose partners who conform to your personality. Either way, you’re not in a healthy relationship. In fact, you’re not in a relationship at all.
“Buddha once said that just as we can know the ocean because it always tastes of salt, we can recognize enlightenment because it always tastes of freedom. There’s no essential difference between real love and enlightenment. While many people see commitment as a trap, its healthy versions actually free both lovers, bring out the flavor of their true selves, and build a love that is satisfying, lasting, and altogether delicious.

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