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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day:
“Every new day is another chance to change your life.”
What I’ve been noticing recently with many of my clients, is that fear of self exploration is the driving force of all excuses. Fear helps us come up with many “reasonable” reasons to continue as we are, not make any changes, and avoid putting effort into really understanding ourselves. Most of us are unconsciously terrified to really know what is going on deep inside ourselves, often because it can be uncomfortable.   And since we are pleasure seekers, we avoid discomfort at all costs. Everyone feels hurt, loneliness, pain, fear etc.  It is completely human and totally ok….the only real issue is, that when we avoid dealing with difficult feelings, we inevitably can’t move beyond them.
For example….
“I hate my job, but because of (fear based rational reasons), I believe I can’t do anything about it…” So we continue to feel stuck in a miserable job….
“I always end up in relationships that aren’t going anywhere – why do all of these people seek me out?”  When we continue to blame the other, rather than look within, we miss the possibility that we may actually be subconsciously attracted to or even attracting certain types of people.  So we continue to long for a relationship that we are never actually open to creating…
“I know I drink (or eat, or smoke etc) too much, but it’s ok (for whatever rational reason I give myself) because I really don’t want to look at the  pain that I keep trying to soothe through these substances…”  So we continue to hurt our bodies and will eventually have to deal with the consequences.
In sum, the long term consequences of avoidance are far worse than the actual process of self exploration.
“Every new day is another chance to change your life.”
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