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A Special Gift To Our Readers

In order to, once again, wish you an amazing start of 2012, the Jasmin Balance Team has created a small, yet very inspiring gift for all of our followers, all over the social networks. This gift will, hopefully, be an uplifting addition to your daily routine no matter where you are, and no matter what you do.
What we had in mind when creating this gift was the fact that we all spend a good amount of our time in front of a computer screen, whether we’re home, at work, at a coffee shop, etc. So, what better place to add a little inspiration than your desktop, and what better gift for the computer savvy than a wallpaper for it!
Our first Jasmin Balance wallpaper is a beautifully designed piece containing an image of our favorite flower, a motivating quote to encourage you with each passing day, and a calendar for January.
We hope that you will enjoy this beautiful desktop wallpaper. We know we do!
JasminBalance Team


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