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Are difficult emotions bad?

One day I was watching the weather channel, and it came on and said “The Mood Swings of MotherNature!” It was an interesting reminder that our planet has mood swings, just like we do in our innerspace.
If you think about the earth, it’s not always a sunny day- there is snow, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. If it were always a sunny day we would die and burn up because it wouldn’t function. We require that balance and the yin & yang for the earth to be perfectly whole.
Similarly, it’s not always a sunny happy day inside of us. We can get our own equivalent of earthquakes and storms. As a society often we are taught that we are “supposed to be happy”, but that doesn’ t allow for us to have our natural range of emotions.
The problem is not actually the stormy days themselves, but actually how we treat ourselves with the stormy days. Instead of handling them properly, we think there is something “wrong” with us, and we hate on our stormy feelings.
We tend to try to pretend that we are happy and “fine, thanks”, and everyone else is faking it too! But in reality, most of us are suffering in some way or the other. The key is to learn how to accept and handle our entire range of emotions- allowing the authenticity of both the storms and the sun.

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