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Marriage Problems? Consider This.

Let’s talk about the idea that, perhaps, troubles in our marriage are actually good for us. It might be annoying to consider this possibility, but let’s look into it.

Marriage, and partnership, is the most intimate relationship that you’re going to have in your life. That relationship is what triggers all of your personal stuff to come out.

So, of course it’s easier to be with friends, colleagues, or other people, because they don’t trigger all of the issues that we’re supposed to be working out in our life’s journey.

If we think of marriage as a spiritual experience, and the person we’re married to as the one that is going to trigger all of the lessons and learning that our soul is supposed to have in this lifetime, then we’re trusting that whatever issues come up are meant to help us learn more about ourselves.

And, so, if we were to have another partner, they would bring out the same personal stuff.

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