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Can't Exercise Consistently? Try This.

Here’s a question for you: are you having trouble exercising consistently?

Do you get into exercising for a long time, then quit, and then don’t do it for a while? Is it hard to get in a routine and really stick with it? There’s one thing for you to consider.
Exercise for consistency, not for achievement. Do not exercise because you want to lose weight, do not exercise because you want to gain muscle, or because you want to do reps, or all those things. If you want to actually do something for the long-term, you need to figure out what’s the bare minimum that you can do every day comfortably, without resisting it, without hating it, without thinking it’s difficult.
I started by going to the bike. I would do all my emails, get my work done, and I’d barely sweat. But I did it every single day. And after a while, when I got into that habit, I started increasing. But in order to create a habit of consistently exercising, you need to start with something that you don’t mind doing.

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