How to Make Real Friends

January 25th, 2019

In this day and age of social media and too many surface interactions, it can feel much more difficult to make real friends and create genuine connections with people.

One important strategy for making real friends and real connections is to be as authentic and as real as possible. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to have it all together, you don’t have to fake it.

If you want to make some real friends and some real connections, be real and be vulnerable. Ask people things about themselves, and don’t just talk about the surface things. Be honest, share what’s really going on inside of you, and be interested in what’s going on inside of them too.

When we talk about external things we create surface relationships. When we talk about internal things we create real deep and connected relationships.

Jasmin Terrany, LMHC

Jasmin Terrany, LMHC has a Skype based private practice empowering women who appear to have it yet still feel unsatisfied on some level. She helps women access their ultimate potential and take their lives to the next level in every realm. Jasmin is a Columbia University graduate and licensed psychotherapist who invented Life Therapy, the combination of psychotherapy & coaching with mindfulness & meditation.