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The Most Important Part of Parenthood

If you are expecting or if you are already a parent, this is the most important of parenthood.

You are your child’s first love.
How you love them and your ability to see them and allow them to be exactly who they are is going to determine how they interact in the world, how they love themselves, how they expect to be loved in the future, and how they talk to themselves. Your voice becomes their inner voice, so just remember that how you love them is the most important thing.

What constitutes a healthy marriage?

What does a healthy marriage look like?

You’d be surprised to know that, as someone who has a healthy marriage, who has had good role models, whose husband has had good role models, who knows what a healthy marriage looks like, and who knows how to create a healthy marriage, my marriage is not always pretty.
Most days we’re just coexisting, nothing’s particularly loving, exciting, or over-the-top. Once a week we probably have some sort of challenge of something that annoyed both of us. Once a month we probably have a straight-up blowout, with crying, where we sit and talk for hours about whatever it is that we’re trying to work through…
And that’s healthy.
A lot of times people don’t know that they’re even in a healthy relationship because they think that it’s supposed to be something that it’s not. Healthy relationships have ups and downs.

How to Stop Nagging Your Spouse?

This is another big one… How to stop nagging your spouse?

In order to stop nagging, it’s really important to think about the value of your relationship over the moment. That little moment where you nag takes a much bigger toll on your relationship than you really realize.
If we get in the habit of nagging, we’re making that little moment more important than our relationship as a whole, and that is when it starts snowballing in the wrong direction.
So if we can start prioritizing our relationship, and having good relationship, over controlling and making sure that the moments are exactly how we want them to be, then we can keep our mouth closed, and accept who our partner is.

How to Avoid Body Image Issues in Kids

This topic is really near and dear to my heart… How to make sure that your kids don’t have body image issues when they grow up?

Something that many of you don’t know is that I binge ate, I over-exercised, I had big body image issues in my late adolescence and early 20s. I did a lot of therapy, a lot of learning, and a lot of journaling to get myself out of it. But where these body image issues really came from was a deep feeling that I wouldn’t be loved if I wasn’t beautiful. And the way that that notion came about was that I was told that I was beautiful all the time. My parents always told me that I was beautiful, and as a result, I started valuing beauty over other things.
So instead of talking about what your kid looks like, what they should or shouldn’t be eating, try to focus on who they are on the inside. Give compliments about how they are on the inside, the things that they achieve, the things that they do, who they are, and not how they look.

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