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Jasmin Balance Picks: 18 Ways You’re Making Life Harder

18 Ways You’re Making Life Harder is a must read! Print it, put it on your mirror to re-read when brushing your teeth. Focus on un-learning these unhealthy habits of your mind and EVERYTHING WILL BE BETTER.
8 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder
1. You look to everyone else for the answers only you can give yourself.
2. You let others make you feel guilty for living your life.
3. You allow toxic people to get the best of you.
4. You are part of the drama circle.
5. You assign negative intent to other people’s actions.
6. You are too worried that people will steal what you have.
7. You’re trying to compete with everyone else.
8. You have been too much of a taker.
9. You focus on popularity over effectiveness.
10. You keep cutting corners and taking the easy way out.
11. You focus on every point in time other than now.
12. You are stuck on your mistakes.
13. You have an “all or nothing” mentality.
14. You expect life to always be happy.
15. You keep thinking about worst-case scenarios.
16. You’re letting loss devour you.
17. You avoid facing the truth.
18. You put off making decisions.
Click here to read the full article at The Mind Unleashed.

Jasmin Terrany and India Arie

For my birthday, my sweet, thoughtful husband got us VIP tickets to see my favorite music artist India Arie. We got to watch them set up the concert and do sound checks, and then we got to meet her briefly before the show, it was really great…
Maybe it was because I was 8 months pregnant at the time, and my emotions were pretty heightened but I had tears pouring down my cheeks for most of the show.
The reason she is my favorite artist is because her lyrics really touch my soul… She speaks the same language I do. The way she knows herself and loves herself is such a reminder and inspiration, I truly recommend her to everyone.
If you are in need of a “pick-me-up” or just some joyful inspiration, I trust her songs will help you re-connect with your spiritual center. At least it always works for me!
India has such deep insight and vulnerability in her words, and often starts songs from a reflective or pained or difficult emotional state and eventually brings herself back to her truth, her light. If you haven’t listened to any of her songs, here are a few from her four albums I recommend to get you hooked :). Enjoy!


Find Your Calling with Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin & Amy Ahlers

Find Your Calling with Martha Beck Lissa Rankin & Amy Ahlers
Dear reader,
Your soul came in with a plan. Your life has a purpose. Ring. Ring. It’s time to answer that calling.
But what if you’re not sure what the plan, purpose or calling is? (Some people have a heck of a time finding it!) Or what if you do know and you’re stuck under your desk feeling terrified to take that leap? (You are SO not alone.)
I’ve got your back!
I’m so excited to invite you to an unprecedented life purpose “tele-jam” with three amazing women: Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin and Amy Ahlers. Join me for this FREE call now by signing up HERE.
On this inspiring, real, no holds barred conversation you’ll hear directly from Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin & Amy Ahlers about how they found their callings… and how you can too!
The tele-jam will help you discover:

  • The magic hot tracks formula for tapping into your life’s purpose (go on a safari with them!)
  • The road map for finding your calling and how to identify where you are right now (so you can feel peace about your process)
  • The single most important, and almost always overlooked, tool for figuring out why you’re on the planet (sometimes the most powerful things are the simplest!)
  • And so much MORE!

I can’t WAIT to hear Martha, Lissa and Amy spill the beans, keep it real and let you in on the secrets to finding your calling.

Find Your Calling Tele-Jam with Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin & Amy Ahlers

LIVE worldwide event on 9/10 at Noon PT/3pm ET
Listen via webcast or phone.
Can’t make the live call? No worries! Register & they’ll send you the recording.

With passion and purpose,
P.S. You’ve watched Martha Beck on The Oprah Show, you have her beautiful bestselling books like Finding Your Own North Star, Expecting Adam, or her latest Finding Your Way in a Wild New World on your bookshelf… NOW it’s time to tune in as Martha joins forces with physician/ author/ blogger Lissa Rankin and the Wake Up Call Coach/ author/ life coach Amy Ahlers to awaken your life’s purpose.

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